with Jeffrey Shaw & Sarah Kenderdine


Concept  & Artistic Direction: Jeffrey Shaw & Sarah Kenderdine
Technical Design and Programming: Scott Ashton (LiTM)
Systems Integration: Yossi Landesman
3d Modelling: Conor O'Kane
Date: 2009
UNMAKEABLELOVE realizes Beckett's The Lost Ones into digital form, creating believable intelligent agents from complex motion captured sequences. The "user" is asked to voyeur into this dark world, pointing a real torch into the virtual void, revealing snapshots of Beckett's imagination.  A video feed captures each person using the installation, and projects them into the space, creating a truly room-scale mixed reality experience.


Engine: XNA
Languages: C#, C++, HLSL
This project was developed before the populist adoption of game engines, with all the code being developed from scratch.  It features volumetric rendering, incorporates extensive use of motion capture, and integrates several custom hardware elements into a truly ground breaking installation.