Australian National Maritime Museum


Sound, Design & Programming: Lost In The Machine
Exhitbition Design: Chris Mether
3D Modelling: Jack Crosby
Animation: Emma Kelly
Date: April 2015
After reaching South Georgia, the weary crew had to face the truth that they were on the wrong side of the island.  Accompanied by 2 others, Shackleton navigated unmapped mountain ranges to eventually find help at the Stromness whaling statiion..
Visitors see a rendering of South Georgia rebuilt from satellite data, overlaid on a 3d printed version of the island,  Atop the landscape, parts of the story are retold. Patrons can also explore the island to discover beautifully modeled and animated Antarctic animals or see Frank Hurley's stunning colour paget plates.  


Hardware: iPad Air 2
Platform: Unity 3D using Vuforia SDK
Language: C# and GLSL
We built South Georgia from a variety of satellite sources, and then used that data to 3d print a version of the island.    The AR renders over the entire table, which makes for a challenging tracking scenario when an iPad can be moved very close to the table.