Australian National Maritime Museum


Design & Programming: Lost In The Machine
Exhitbition Design: Chris Mether
3D Modelling: Jack Crosby
Date: April 2015
The James Caird  tells the story of the treacherous crossing of the Drake Passage from Antarctica to South Georgia by Ernest Shackleton and 5 brave crew members.  Their boat The James Caird  was built from the remains of The Endurance  and one of its lifeboats.  The AR completely superposes the physical exhibit, showing the stages of building The James Caird, and filling the glass case to create a "cube of ocean".


Hardware: iPad Air 2
Platform: Unity 3D using Vuforia SDK
Language: C# and GLSL
As one of the biggest technical challenges of the exhibition, we're very proud to have realised the goal of seeing the tiny boat being tossed around on a realtime animated ocean on a mobile device.